Our Eco story is all about the future, after all, that’s what this is for. The future of our planet, and the future of generations that will inhabit it, rely on us being accountable now. 

We are future thinkers. As Keynes Safety Products we think future from conception to post-use. Our Research & Development team is constantly considering the best virgin and recycled fibers for commercial use, and how design can improve product lifetime.


Our Objective

Our aim is to develop and implement an eco-friendly policy involving the cooperative factory and local stakeholders. With our teams, we are committed to respecting the environment and nature throughout the production process, namely:

Reducing CO2 emissions
Using eco-friendly fabrics
Developing lightweight packaging
Recycling waste and selective sorting


This commitment aims at preserving the environment, working towards sustainable development and safeguarding resources for generations to come.


A culture of partnerships

The Keynes is one of the market players to introduce a partnership-based approach.
This guarantees that the Team perfectly controls the quality of the products.
It offers our partners the team’s experience and technical assistance while maintaining the constancy of a multi-annual contract.


Our commitment to quality

Quality, sustainable development and optimum customer satisfaction are all ongoing concerns at Keynes.
Under the aegis of Quality Management, some specialists in the field deploy their energy with all of our teams to guarantee exceptional products and services while respecting stringent standards and regulations.